About us

Black beauty - our Arabian stud farm.

The colour black has fascinated Raimund Wöhr since his earliest childhood. His father started to breed horses, which he took over in the 1980s with the help of his sister Karola.

The first step in breeding black Arabians was taken in 1988 with the purchase of the Gharib daughter Sama. At first, pure-bred Arabians were bred from Polish-Russian and Egyptian lines. Only a few years later did the Hardyna stud farm switch to pure-bred Egyptians.

The stud farm is well-known for its fascination with the colour black, as well as for chestnut mare – Hardyna – that belongs to Karola Wöhr.

Hardyna Mare

The Hardyna mare is of special importance for the two siblings: 

The sire of the Hardyna mare (Hardy) broke its leg under Raimund Wöhr during a hunt. As a result, he vowed to keep the last foal.

Besides the fascinating colour and trust in people, the goal was to breed a gentle riding horse with a strong character and a willingness to perform.

First horse show

Our Arabian horses can be in found in Germany and across the world.

Curiosity then led to embarking upon shows.

It was with great pride that the one-year-old filly – Har Mahy Nour – was elected reserve champion in Frankfurt in 2007.