Hardyna Thoroughbred Arabian Stud Farm Hardyna

Our thoroughbred Arabians originate from very rare pure lines and are vivacious and sensitive family horses as well as reliable leisure partners. They are breathtakingly beautiful, particularly intelligent, and always friendly towards people. We breed as a hobby and a passion; the horses form a close attachment to the family, children and dogs.

Our stud farm is nestled in a moderately hilly landscape between Stuttgart and Pforzheim.

We would be happy to present our horses to you!


Our mares predominantly originate from rare pure Egyptian lines and some of which are even blue list. They live in conditions appropriate to their species within a herd in the open stable, together with young horses and foals.

Of course, they are also ridden, from leisure, cross-country, endurance, right through to hunting.


Our stallions (leased stallions) are always pure Egyptian and mostly homozygous black horses. We aim to keep them in conditions that are the most appropriate to their species as possible. That’s why we try to integrate them into the mare herd or they run together with their favourite mare in a paddock.


We predominantly breed purely Egyptian horses in the sought-after black colour. Since breeding is our hobby and we also want to do the best for our horses, we ensure to place our offspring in the best of hands.

If you’re interested in one of our horses, simply give us a call or visit us without obligation.

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